the policyholder

How can I protect myself against the financial consequences of not being able to work due to illness or accident?

  • Daily allowance in the event of sickness or accident (after the waiting period defined in the policy, the insurance company will guarantee payment of the allowance for two years as a general rule)

How can I protect myself against the economic consequences of disability?

  • Disability benefits for illness or accident (the insurance company will pay out an annuity for the defined duration following a waiting period)

How can I provide for the financial consequences of dying?

  • Payment on death of a lump-sum to the entitled beneficiaries
  • Survivors' benefits (in the event of the insured person's passing, the persons named in the policy will receive an annuity for the defined duration)

How can I best plan my income for when I retire?

  • Valuation of facultative membership of an occupational benefits plan (LPP/pillar 2). ASSiDU works with the main sector-specific pension funds. On reaching retirement age you can thus choose whether to withdraw your accumulated capital as a lump sum or to take a pension. You also get significant tax benefits while you make contributions to the pension fund.
  • A personalised analysis of your pension provision taking into consideration retirement, early retirement, deferred retirement or retirement in stages.

How can executives and directors get protection against compensation claims by third parties?

  • D&O liability insurance for directors and officers