mortgage financing mandate

Besides insurance management and analysis mandates, we can assist you in arranging and managing your mortgage financing.

Assidu SA acts on the client's behalf impartially and without imposing conditions in the following ways:

  • analysis of credit request: sustainability and deposit,
  • preparation of application,
  • obtaining offers from different institutions,
  • analysing and comparing offers,
  • providing comprehensive advice.

This service offers the following benefits:

  • Informing you of the maximum possible charge in relation to your income and available funds (second pillar, third pillar, own funds),
  • the best conditions on offer from banks or insurers,
  • avoidance of the expensive (in terms of time) and laborious task of going to different credit institutions to request offers,
  • assistance in analysing and understanding the different offers in detail,
  • examination of the issues involved with mortgage debt (taxation, pension situation, duration and type of mortgage),
  • assistance in choosing how to amortise the debt (directly or indirectly),
  • a solution that is best suited to individual requirements and situations, impartially and without conditions.

Assidu SA also negotiates mortgages that are already in force.