additional mandates for analysis/advice

  • Optimisation of your pension: the complex subject of retirement involves a number of factors (OASI, pension fund, third pillar, tax liability, your financial situation, real estate, mortgages etc.). To gain maximum benefit from your pension provision you need to plan in good time.
  • Financing mortgages and loans: preparing the dossier, study of the market and comparisons, analysis of sustainability of credit, optimisation of the risk/benefit/tax situation, correspondence and discussions with creditors.
  • Review of your financial provision: analysis of your financial security (in the event of inability to work for a short period due to illness or accident, disability and death)
  • Financial planning: optimisation of your savings through investments
  • Review of your insurance: analysis of your risk situation and insurance policies. A review of your prevention and security measures.
  • Implementation of the amendments: contact with the insurance companies and institutions to implement the decisions taken during the review.