asset preservation

How can we protect ourselves against damage to or the destruction of our property?

  • Contents insurance (against the risk of fire, natural hazards, burglary and robbery, water damage, vandalism, terrorism and earthquake)
  • Buildings insurance (against the risk of fire, natural hazards, burglary, water damage, vandalism, terrorism and earthquake)
  • Specific insurance for technical appliances (for example losses caused by events within/outside technical installations)
  • Specific machine insurance (for example losses caused by forces external to self-propelled vehicles)
  • Construction insurance (comprehensive cover for construction of buildings)
  • Specific insurance for electronic data processing centres (losses triggered by forces internal/external to IT applicances, costs for restoring data)
  • Specific insurance for works of art and items of value
  • Motor vehicle insurance (fully comprehensive insurance, partial cover, damage from parking).
  • Transport insurance (protection against damage to merchandise which can occur during transit)

How can we protect ourselves against, for example, a fire destroying stock and interrupting the services we provide?

  • Cover for business interruption or extra costs (for example a fire damages the local government building where there is also a multi-storey car park; the insured must rent local premises to maintain its services. This additional cost will be assumed by the insurance company in addition to the loss for the year due to the closing of the car park).

How can we protect ourselves against third-party compensation claims?

  • Business liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Directors and Officers liability insurance
  • Building owner's liability insurance
  • Motor liability insurance
  • Public liability insurance for staging events
  • Visitor accident insurance (a visitor/client trips over a poorly positioned electric cable in your office and suffers a partial disability. The insurance company will cover treatment costs and provide disability capital)
  • Legal expenses insurance for professional activity and/or motorists

Other forms of cover?

  • Insurance for breach of trust/employee fraud
  • Credit insurance